Marine coastal restoration

coral reef

Mangrove restoration projects are typically less costly than other marine ecosystems, largely because of volunteer efforts in developing countries and the relative ease of collecting mangrove seeds and recruits.

Coastal marine ecosystems are being lost at a rapid rate around the world and there is increasing interest in rehabilitating and restoring these systems. Understanding how much it costs and how feasible it is to restore marine systems is a fundamental challenge to management agencies. We produced a quantitative review and database of the cost and feasibility of marine coastal restoration for coral reef, seagrass, mangrove, saltmarsh, and oyster reef habitats. Surprisingly, cost was not related to the success nor the size of projects, hinting that marine restoration is still in developmental stages and that restoration should not relied on to offset the impacts of development.

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See: Bayraktarov et al. 2015 paper, Bayraktarov et al. 2015 database

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